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Unread post  Post subject: Recent spam bot attack  |  Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:57 am
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Hey guys/gals. Some of you may have seen the recent spam in a thread.
Nearly 200 post within a short period of time 2 per minute. That's a bot for sure.
I finally figured out a way to remove 20 at a time vs 1 at a it is now cleaned up.
But I have seen this sort of attack before over at cpaptalk and they usually return and return worse.
Time will tell if this happens here.

So if you see obvious spam bot attack...don't worry about flagging all of them...1 is more than enough as I always check all new posts when I check in here. I will spot it quickly.
Now random spam in old threads...for sure flag them so I can remove them. Sometimes its sneaky spam...sometimes so blatant like last night a blind man could see it.

I have had some spam where they create a new topic and then post 20 to 50 posts in a thread that is only spam. That's easy to remove. I just delete the topic and everything goes away with one click.
When spam is added to a current topic in mass like last night....takes more time to clean it up because obviously I don't want to one click and remove everybody's discussion.

I don't have the powers to one click one account's all posts in one click. That's only available at a higher level than I have.
I have sent Jason a note about what happened last night and also what I fear might happen again.
Once a spam bot has figured out a weakness at a forum security....good chance they will exploit it.
They always do it in the middle of the night it seems but sometimes they get bold and will attempt during the day.

If this spam bot returns or it gets worse we may have to implement additional security measures.
Over at cpaptalk when it happened I would wake up to probably 20 spam bot accounts posting at one a minute and nearly 50,000 new spam posts to delete. Talk about a major headache.

Anyway....just be aware that I am aware and I have sent Jason a note about it but we all know he seems to be very busy elsewhere so it may be a bit before he reads my note.

Bear with me if you see more spam bot crap. I will clean it up just as soon as I see it but it does take me a bit of time when there are large numbers within and active thread. If it's an old thread....I will just remove the entire thread.

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