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Unread post  Post subject: How does nasal congestion impact CPAP therapy?  |  Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:20 pm

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The question is for both nasal pillows and FFM.

My left nostril is basically 90% or worse blocked all the time. My right nostril is basically 40% or worse blocked all the time. Does the CPAP machine (ResMed Airsense 10) know the difference between a closed nasal passage and closed throat? Or is it possible it's auto CPAPing for the nose, thinking it's for the throat?

When I use Nasal Pillows, since air is essentially shoved up the nose, I can generally get by and not feel like i'm suffocating.

When i use FFM, sometimes i'll breath through my nose, and i'm assuming once i get too congested, I start to breath through my mouth. I've tried using heated humidifier, but it generally makes the seal of the mask wet which creates a leak. Does FFM need nasal passage relatively clear to be effective?

The reason i ask is i have been using CPAP for 8 months (10cm-15cm) and still dont feel refreshed when i wake up and feel exhausted/brain fog/etc all day every day. I haven't had a "good" day at all. My AHI is always low; almost always below 1.5 and sometimes less than 1. But i'm wondering if i'm having small arousals that aren't really being picked up by SleepyHead as a result of the chronic congestion.

Does anyone have experience with CPAP before and after turbinate reduction surgery? (assuming the surgery was successful and opened up nasal passage) I already had turbinate reduction surgery a few months ago, but it was not effective in helping my breathing. ENT wants to do a different type of turbinate reduction surgery on the 2nd go around.

Unread post  Post subject: Re: How does nasal congestion impact CPAP therapy?  |  Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:30 pm

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I've had great results using the OTC nasal spray Nasalcrom at reducing my almost perpetual sinus congestion. Before I'd have to switch from one side to the other when sleeping to force the drainage to clear out one nostril or the other. Now I can sleep much better overall. At least as far as my sinuses go. Now if I could just find a mask that would give a consistent 100% (or very close to it) seal... Good luck to you.

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