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Unread post  Post subject: First at home sleep test - why all the lights?  |  Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:11 am

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I just completed my first sleep test. This one was done at home over 2 nights and I am currently awaiting my results (AccuSom). I am fairly certain I do not have OSA as I never snore (confirmed by husband) and am not obese but I do experience most of the symptoms of some sort of sleep apnea hence the test.

I have searched all over the web and even called the manufacture of the at home test but I can't find an answer anywhere. Throughout the 2 nights of my test, I would wake up to the machine telling me to adjust my nasal cannula or it blinking that something was wrong with the cannula (I suspect it would blink for a while before it would make a noise to wake me up???) Each time all I had to do was take a few deep breaths and the warning light would go away. I never had to readjust the cannula.... Anyway, how does the machine/test know if it was an apnea event or if the cannula was positioned incorrectly? I would suspect the absence of air flow is what triggered the warning but I can't imagine that an home sleep test would have lights and noise going off every time an apnea event occurred.

although this is not the case for me (I am just genuinely curious) - lets say someone has a lot of apnea events. When woken up your breathing goes back to normal. Could someone have such a sever case of apnea that an At home test wouldn't pick it up because his breathing would be normal a greater percentage of the night than not (remember this person is awake most of the night)

Thanks in advance for indulging in my curiosity.

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